Editora e Gravadora Batoke

The Editora e Gravadora Batoke (Batoke Publishing and Recording company) dedicates its work to the many trends of thoughts that can contribute to the expansion of human consciousness.

Through different artistic expressions, such as music and literature, Batoke presents philosophical, spiritual and cultural themes that promote the preservation of the roots of a people so it can maintain its identity alive. Our publications also highlight critical issues like sustainable development, social commitment and human health among others.

Batoke was founded in 2006 by Templo Guaracy do Brasil , to deepen, expand and disperse the ideas generated in Filosofia Guaracyana, a philosophy that praises the freedom of spiritual expression. During its first months of existence, Batoke launched “O GuaracYano”, a tabloid newspaper. In 2007, Batoke started to produce musical works and a series of larger publications.

The group of contributors of Batoke Editora e Gravadora is composed of professionals coming from different path of life, including journalists, educators, psychologists, medical doctors, musicians, designers, economists and others. This multiple approach amplifies our vision and enriches the universe of Batoke.

The symbol we use in our logo was inspired by the African and Indigenous traditions of Brazil and expresses the power of communication.