João Makray

João Makray is a multimedia artist, a photographer, a designer, a musician and an inventor concerned with every detail of his art. The integrity and the esthetic qaulity of his work come filled with his experience of other cultures, traditions, materials, insights and emotions.

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  1. Orixás - Forças Sagradas da Natureza João Makray Art, Prints, Afro-Brazilian Tradition



Book launch: "Orixás, the Sacred Power of Nature"

Convite Lançamento Orixás Launching of the exhibit and the book: Tuesday September 1, 7PM at the Ecomercado Avis Rara

Ecomercado Avis Rara
Rua Rei Salomão, 295
Sousas, Campinas, Brasil
(19) 3258 4502

João Makray presents at the Ecomercado in Campinas, a serie of 16 prints about the Orixás and launches the book “Orixás, the Sacred Power of Nature”. Inspired by the cosmogony of Templo Guaracy, João Makray, explored the universe of the Orixás to reveal through his art some of their manifestations in nature, Much more than divine ancestors or personified mythical gods as they are often presented, João Orixás bring to life all the dynamics of nature.

To accompany each print, a compilation of words was harvested from the wonderful Guaracyan visiono f the Orixás. The intention of these words is merely to help navigate towards the encounter with the sacred nature through the eloquent art of João Makray.