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Carlos Buby was born in a farm, in the State of Alagoas, in the northeast region of Brazil. Marked by the strong contrasts of his land, he was soon filled with inner conflicts about the purpose of life and inspired to find a voice through music and the search for spirituality.

With his family, he moved to São Paulo when he was 7 years old. At the age of 15, he had his first encounter with music and started composing with “ Nas Barras de uma rede”. But the hard reality of a life with very little resources obliged him to find work as an office boy in a pharmaceutical company. He then tried a little of everything, traveling around the country, searching for opportunities. The years that followed were full of hardships but he maintained his musician dream. He sang in bars, performed with his band in shows, and participated in music festivals, where a number of Brazilian artists revealed their talents.

These challenging times and later his experience as a nurse, became the pillars of a solid formation, in the days when Brazilian military dictatorship and repression shut the voices of many, who like him, became targets for pursuing their dreams.

Carlos BubyWhen he was 17 years old, Carlos Buby won the First prize at the Inter-College Brazilian Music Festival, and classified two songs: “Chofer de Caminhão” (Truck Driver), the winner and “Formula I”. Both won for their strong lyrics, as they reflected the dream for freedom that people were so eager to hear at that time. However Carlos Buby never received his prize, the recording of the winning songs, because they were soon censured.

However an “inner force” that he calls “Guaracy”, never allowed him to abandon his dream. “What we consider a dream, is in reality, the expectation of life. You “artificialize” the future. My dream is to not interfere in nature, I prefer to let it dream for me.”

His encounter and dedication to the spiritual path was the result of a pledge and was triggered further by the world of injustice he was facing. “I decided to search in the spiritual dimension what I couldn’t find here. I could not adapt, as I still cannot adapt until today, to so many things that happen in Brazil and around the world, hunger, misery, infant mortality and so many other dramatic situations. I don’t understand how people can adapt.”

“Terra de Deus Repentista” his first album produced under the Batoke seal, brings that inspiration. Even if some of the songs were born out of the suffering of a people, the message transcends to the spiritual dimension. “The name of the album “Terra de Deus Repentista” (Land of a Sudden God) suggests an attempt to define a god. Coming from the northeast region of Brazil, I can only understand that this is a piece of land that God improvised before he was able to complete the Creation. I don’t know why he did this, but I know why I composed this song.”

Carlos Buby doesn’t call himself an artist. For him, Art is not limited to one of the expressions that we commonly call art, such as theater, cinema or painting. Art is the same for a surgeon, or a mechanic. That is why he rather calls himself, a composer. “Art is enchantment. It is about bringing this enchantment to others.” Enchanting all with his “Terra de Deus Repentista”, Carlos Buby makes a powerful come back affirming: “Nobody has a public. The public is the one who generously has us.”


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Launch: "Terra de Deus Repentista"

Terra de Deus Repentista

The project "Trovas e Canções" presents CARLOS BUBY on December 2nd at 6:00 pm at the SESC POMPEIA in São Paulo, Brasil. ENTRANCE FREE!

SESC Pompeia
rua Clélia, 93
Pompéia, São Paulo - SP
cep 05042-000
Tel:(11) 3871-7700
map of the location

Batoke launches its first album, "Terra de Deus Repentista", of Carlos Buby. The CD will be distributed nationally and internationally.


For more information contact us.


Book launch: Gotas de Vida, Carlos Buby


Tarde de autógrafos Sábado 22 de dezembro, as 14hs Espaço Cultural Mataganza - Estrada do Caputera, 895 Cotia - São Paulo Tel: (11) 4614 4596

O livro “Gotas de Vida” de Carlos Buby reúne a primeira série de frases, pensamentos e reflexões do autor. São “gotas” coletadas em momentos de encontros sagrados e profanos, que vÊm inspirar e convidar a caminhar, atentos à sabedoria da Natureza.

Na Natureza, seu livro sagrado, Carlos Buby encontra a inspiração e a motivação para realizar a sua obra de vida; obra essa que transcende os “muros” da realidade objetiva e atinge dimensões imateriais. Nesse Livro, ele “vê a palavra de Deus” e com essa clara visão e determinação, busca na espiritualidade, sementes de luz que possam gerar frutos sadios na terra.

“Gotas de Vida” são raios dessa Luz espiritual para compartilhar com os buscadores do mundo.


Show in Bauru

I Festival da Cultura Paulista Tradicional
"Entre Rios e Trilhas" – Bauru 2008


Carlos Buby
Show: Saturday August 9, 2008 at 7:00 pm,
at the Sambódromo in Bauru, SP

More information coming up soon.


in Rio de Janeiro

Feiticeiro Negro ilustração Carlos Buby sings the song "Feiticeiro Negro", at the "I Caminhada em defesa da Liberdade Religiosa"
Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
September, 21, 2008 at 9:00 am
Concentration at Leme Beach

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Show in São Paulo


Show in Bauru - Celebrating Umbanda 100 years


Show Beneficente: Um Canto para Sol

Convite_Canto_para_Sol Espaço Cultural Mataganza presents:
Carlos Buby in the fundraiser show "Um Canto para Sol"

Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 8:00 pm

Espaço Cultural Mataganza
Estrada da Caputera, 895
Cotia, São Paulo


Show at the Clube Guapira Theater

Show Guapira

A Feira Show de Eventos e Talentos Apresenta:
Show do Carlos Buby

Domingo dia 2 de maio de 2010 as 18 hrs
Contribuição: R$5,00

No Teatro do Clube Guapira
Rua Dr. José Camargo Aranha, 376
Tremembê, São Paulo - SP
TEL: (11) 2249 9100

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Venda antecipada no Espaço Cultural Mataganza


SHOW - Um Canto para Isabelli

Saturday, May 27 2017 - 9:00 PM

Estrada da Caputera, 895
Ressaca, Cotia - SP

More information:
Tickets available at: Espaço Cultural Mataganza.

Show um canto para Isabelli


Show Carlos Buby - Brasil com S

11 de NOV 2018 - 19H


Espaço Cultural Mataganza Templo Guaracy do Brasil Estrada da Caputera, 895 Ressaca, Cotia - SP


Brasil com S


Show Carlos Buby & Banda Rudá

Temporada: 9 a 30 de Maio de 2019
Todas as quintas feiras as 20h30

Teatro MorumbiShopping
Av. Roque Petroni Junior,1089
Jd. Acácias - PISO G1

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Carlos Buby & Banda Rudá